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NEW FOR 2021-2022


November 2021 - Aprilia has developed a vast range of accessories dedicated to Tuareg 660 to improve performance, comfort, and functionality. Here in quick overview.
VEHICLE ACCESSORIES. Pair of aluminium side panniers: made of aluminium, they are extremely rugged and spacious. The panniers are powder painted to offer maximum protection and durability over time. They are locked to the bike using a dedicated safety key and can be easily removed in just a few seconds. Internal bags are also available. 33-litre aluminium case: extremely rugged and spacious, this can hold the Aprilia Multiroad helmet and other items. It features hermetic closing and ABS protection for the hinges. Easy to mount and remove. An internal bag is also available. Tubular engine guards: made of powder-coated steel tubing, these protect the engine and plastics from accidental impact. They are installation ready for additional lights.

Additional LED lights: with an aluminium body and reduced size, the lights consume limited power. They allow greater visibility and safety when riding at night. They are operated with electrical controls on the original handlebar. Centre stand: made in cataphoresis-treated and powder-coated steel to withstand weather conditions, it was designed to minimise operating efforts. Chain guide: an extremely important element in off-road use to always ensure correct chain tensioning and drag, even in extreme conditions. Touring windscreen: this ensures greater protection for the rider from the air for a more comfortable trip. It is made of 4 mm thick metacrylate and is sturdy and durable.

Comfort seats: a complete range of seats to increase comfort thanks to the special insertion of memory foam material. Available in three different heights (standard, 2 cm higher, and 2 cm lower). Quickshift: this easy-to-install device lets you upshift and downshift without using the clutch, resulting in extremely quick shifting. Aprilia MIA: the device that lets you connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth, transforming it into a true multimedia platform. Electronic anti-theft system: comprising a compact and easy-to-install ECU. Complete with remote control. The system is self-powered with minimum energy absorption.

THE LINE OF APRILIA TUAREG 660 APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES FOR RIDERS. Aprilia offers a line of quality apparel, explicitly dedicated to touring and off-roading. The collection includes: Offroad Helmet: ultra-lightweight (940 gr), thanks in part to its carbon fibre shell. Interior padding removal system in the event of an emergency, double D-ring closure. Adjustable visor and high ventilation flow thanks to the numerous air vents. Interior fully removable for washing. Compatible with the neck brace. Multiroad Helmet: shell in high-resistance thermoplastic resin; featuring a retractable sun visor, interior in hypo-allergenic material that can be removed and washed. Interior padding removal system in the event of an emergency, double D-ring closure. Flip-up Helmet: shell in high-resistance thermoplastic resin; featuring a retractable sun visor, interior in hypo-allergenic material that can be removed and washed, and a chin bar movement mechanism with front control. It also has a modern Bluetooth connection system that lets you pair your smartphone and navigation systems, as well as an intercom feature between the rider and passenger helmets.

3-layer adventure trousers and jacket: EN17092 certified jacket with thermal lining and 100% waterproof and breathable membrane (removable separately); front and rear air vents that can be opened using convenient zips to adapt to any weather conditions. The slim cut of the garment conveys a very elegant and technical look, while the vast range of adjustments guarantee a fit that is always precise and comfortable. The matching trousers can be purchased separately. Gloves: two different types available. Sport: short gloves for warm climates; carbon knuckle guards and touchscreen compatible inserts. The three-quarter light winter model, on the other hand, is longer and dedicated to colder climates. They are waterproof and feature knuckle guards.

Undershirt: made with a special, extremely light and rugged material, capable of resisting the absorption of water and perspiration. Wind jacket: off-road style jacket made in waterproof softshell and designed to be worn over a chest protector. Removable interior. Offroad trousers: made with innovative technology that uses a special elastic and extremely rugged material on the waistband. Kevlar inserts. Offroad shirt: extremely lightweight and rugged, designed to be used with or without chest protector. Offroad gloves: these are the ideal item to complete the range of off-road garments. Outstanding fit and extremely rugged.