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January 2019 – As the international launch of the new Moto Guzzi V85 TT approaches, the debut is also coming of an outfit that is ideal for any adventure with the new bike, the first classic travel enduro from the Eagle brand. Naturally enough, Moto Guzzi has thought up an authentic Guzzi biker clothing line to match the powerful personality and broad scope of the V85 TT: so here, in preview, is the new Moto Guzzi Adventure Collection, available from Moto Guzzi dealers as from the spring of 2019, when marketing of the V85 TT will begin.

ADVENTURE COLLECTION. The collection consists of a full-face helmet in two colour versions and an easy-fit technical adventure tourer outfit (jacket and trousers), with style elements inspired directly by the design of the V85 TT, accompanied by a matching t-shirt and sweatshirt, with stitched red details echoing the unmistakable shape of the frame.

TECHNICAL CLOTHING. Removable 3-layer jacket, with inner thermal membrane and H2Out impermeable membrane, for riding in any season and any weather. Externally, the jacket is made from a soft but extremely hardwearing technical fabric, with adjustable sections on the neck, arms and waist, and elasticised insets in the arms for easier movement. The shoulder and elbow protectors are standard features, and the jacket can be fitted with a back protector and a front protector for the ribcage (available separately).

The Adventure outfit is stylish and practical, using a series of functional elements to accommodate custom Moto Guzzi features: in the front mesh of the jacket’s large air vents is a technical drawing of the 1967 Moto Guzzi twin cylinder, while the logos of the Eagle and the stylised twin-cylinder appear on the reflective insets, in the same red as the frame of the V85 TT, combining aesthetics and safety. Both the jacket and the trousers are compliant with European law.

HELMET. The helmet is a new departure for Moto Guzzi, the first full-face adventure tourer in the catalogue of Eagle original accessories and clothing. Made in high-strength ABS, it is fitted with removable padding and a quick-opening safety system This is a helmet designed to eat up the miles and guarantee absolute comfort in all conditions: it features an enduro-style rigid visor, as well as a classic transparent visor and internal pull-down sun visor. Completing the picture, the helmet is aerodynamic and lightweight – essential characteristics for this type of headgear – and suitable for a more sporty type of ride.

The helmet will be available in two colours: white with black, yellow and red trim (evoking the Dakar-inspired livery of the V85 TT), and black with red trim. The colours of the details and padding echo the red and black hues of the bike and the technical outfit, for an impeccably consistent style.