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Report and photos from the The Clan team: The Moto Guzzi Experience season has taken us through more than a year of adventures, meeting new friends and travel companions, enjoying vivid emotions from the saddle of our beloved Moto Guzzi bikes. We’ve just come back from the latest Moto Guzzi Experience Is Molas – Sardinia for 2018, the 7th, from 11 to 14 October, which began with the challenge of exceptionally bad weather. Two days of heavy rain, which put the population of the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, under severe strain, blocking many roads and in turn transforming the journey to our starting point, the welcoming Is Molas Golf Resort, into an adventure.

Adventure’ is a word we often use to describe our Moto Guzzi Experiences, and we heard it more than ever before during this seventh experience: not in relation to the weather, which in the end gave us 4 days of sun and summer temperatures, but because of the atmosphere and mood that developed among the participants. The secret? The awareness that we were all, in equal measure, part of an experience that tested not only all the Moto Guzzi bikes in the range, but us too, immersing us in intense, unexpected emotions that will always be associated with those people, those places and the unique vibrations of the Mandello del Lario twin-cylinder.

This is reflected in the comments of some the participants: ‘An experience to make you feel alive’; ‘Wow! No shortage of experiences and adventure… Infinite thanks to everyone for these 4 days of EMOTIONS’; ‘What a wonderful experience… and thank you for the routes which, despite the floods of the previous day, were organised as an alternative to those planned for the returns… a comment for Moto Guzzi is a must: these experiences allow you to get to know the models on the road instead of just seeing them in the papers, a thank you and so long until the next motorbike experience’; ‘The colours, perfumes and flavours of Sardinia… Great affability among the participants riding bikes that offer unique emotions. Absolutely fantastic’. ‘What a nice experience!… wonderful location, superb bikes, perfect organisation! A heartfelt thanks to Moto Guzzi. Well done to the people who planned and organised the event: they gave me 4 days of pure enjoyment and great company. A tip to anyone who hasn’t taken part yet: TRY!’

2019 will offer a new Moto Guzzi Experience catalogue packed with new features, to discover other fascinating roads and locations, from the saddle of the best of the Moto Guzzi range!


AN ADVENTURE WITH A THOUSAND EMOTIONS: THE 6TH MG EXPERIENCE IS MOLAS, SARDINIA. The sun is high and summer is by no means over in Sardinia. This is the sixth Moto Guzzi Experience in Sardinia (27-30 September 2018) and we are very familiar with the welcome ritual of the Is Molas Golf Resort; yet the sight of that long and apparently endless line of Moto Guzzi bikes shining in the sun is as striking as it was the first time. ‘Ciao!’ Where do you come from?’ ‘What bike do you ride?’ Smiling faces, different languages, a mixture of accents, great expectations, and everyone eager to get on their bikes for the start… and there isn’t long to wait!

Helmet, jacket… which bike shall I choose? They’re all here! Well, today the V7 III Carbon, tomorrow I’ll try the Audace, and on Saturday the MGX-21 is a must. We go through the “Moto Guzzi” arch: many people don’t know it yet, but the arch is not just an inflatable, it’s a star gate to the purest motorcycling enjoyment in that paradise for two-wheelers called Sardinia. There’s only one way to really get to know a Moto Guzzi, and that’s in its natural element: bends! And there’s no shortage of those: the road climbs up the mountainside, the throb of the twin-cylinder synchronises with the rhythm of the bends, and it takes only a few miles to find a perfect harmony. The long line of motorbikes compresses and dilates, weaving along both sides of the valley and flooding the intense green vegetation of the road to Teulada with chrome. The woods open up to make room for the dazzling blue of the sea, while the road hugs the cliff to take us towards the magnificent Chia beach, where a coffee break gives us a chance to put our feet back on the ground and swap first impressions of the bikes and the ride. The conversation continues during the substantial supper offered by the resort, and then at the poolside bar. The summer temperature and a few rounds of myrtle create a very pleasant mood, which soon encourages everyone to recount tales of life and travel. There’s a perfect team spirit, while our imagination is already roaming the roads we’ll be riding along over the coming days…

These are just some of the impressions from the first of four magnificent days during which we discover unforgettable roads, flavours and landscapes. This all-round immersion in the Moto Guzzi world and the beauty of Sardinia is even more captivating than the previous editions, taking us along the breathtaking Villasimius coastline, round the sequences of mountain bends between Ballao and Senorbì, then into the galleries of the spectacular Mines of Porto Flavia, a genuine monument of industrial archaeology, and along the stunning panoramic walk in Nebida, whose steep terraces offer a view of the Pan Di Zucchero rock. By the Saturday evening, we have clocked up 650 km; a relaxing cultural program has been organised for Sunday morning, a guided tour of Nora: Sardinia’s first Phoenician town (VIII century BC), which developed fully under the Carthaginians and was subsequently conquered by the Romans in 238 BC, who made it a caput viae, the kilometre zero of all roads in Sardinia. A particularly symbolic finale for all of us, who have so enjoyed these roads on our Moto Guzzi bikes”.