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A quick glance at the details tells you this is a true Guzzi biker: the eagle logo on his t-shirt and on the key-ring of his Moto Guzzi 1000S. Then he tells you about his riding style, how he enjoys each ride in safety. Long-time biker Jordan Grant (who lives in United States) has a “philosophy” that everyone will agree with.

He tells us more in this video interview (made by Tracey Kroll).

Moto Guzzi Respect

“I’m Irish, but I love Italian motorcycles, especially the manufacturer known as Moto Guzzi. My very first ride was on a buddy’s motorcycle, and the very first turn I went around I went way too wide: I passed the yellow line over towards the kerb. I didn’t crash but I certainly put the fear of God in myself. From then on, I had a respect for the bike, and you have to (but he never let me ride his motorcycle again). A road that you’ve never been on, that’s when these things fall into the category of an instrument. One guy can play it better than the next guy, and if you can go in fast and loose, that road is fun, and that only comes with experience.

“I never thought there should be any more than two cylinders on a motorcycle, every motorcycle I’ve got has only two cylinders (which will be why Jordan prefers Guzzi bikes, famous around the world for their 90° V-twin engine, ed.). The exhaust note on twins is much better than I would say Japanese motorcycles. I will go out for a ride for many different reasons, I can’t say that there’s one more than another. Sunday mornings is nice, there’s not a lot of traffic, the roads are more open; or a sunny afternoon after work, around sunset, is always a nice time to go. I’ll go out for half an hour, just cruising through the local beach, just to cool off.

Riding twenty, twenty-five years ago, you thought a little bit less about the dangers. These days you don’t go crazy because you’ve gotten wiser over the years, and because you want to be riding when you’re 75 years old. Like I will be!”


For true bikers, their motorcycle, whatever its age, is a cult object to be treasured, cared for and kept proudly for years; a faithful companion for travel and adventure. The new WIDE feature “My Bike Movie” is dedicated to everyone who rides off to work on a brand new bike in the morning, to everyone who fondly conserves a bike handed down in the family from generation to generation, to everyone who lovingly cherishes a vintage motorcycle.


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