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Osman Gursoy is a sprightly 80-year-old who lives in Ordu, Turkey. He is an authentic “Vesparado”, a true believer who has travelled round the globe, met people and cultures, and shared his life with the world’s best-loved scooter. So he has a wealth of memories to pass on to other generations of scooter lovers, who, whatever their age, nationality and background, are members of the extraordinary worldwide Vespa community.

On his Vespa – a fantastic 150 Sprint purchased in 1969 –Osman rode 125,000 miles during the 1970s, through Europe and North America, from Turkey to Texas. He has always had a passion for two-wheelers: he began getting his hands dirty with oil and grease as a boy, when he fitted a motor on a bicycle. And he still lavishes every care on his beloved Vespa today.
His fascinating story has been turned into a documentary, “Ordu-Texas: long way on short wheels”; you can see the trailer here:

Ordu, Texas - 1st Trailer

CREDITS: The film was produced by “2Enduro”, Director: Tolga Basol; DP: Erkin Yesil; Music: Ozgur Yilmaz; Camera & Sound: Tolga Basol & Cevher Bilger; Graphic Design: Utkan Basar; Editing, Colour Grading: Tolga Basol.