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May 2024Report from the rally by the Vespa Club Santiago Board: 100 Vespas speeding along the coast of Chile, 9 Vespa clubs united, a 3-day rally, and 2 countries brought together: these are the numbers that summarise the Third Annual National and International Vespa Club Rally led by the Vespa Club Santiago, and held on 12, 13 and 14 April 2024.

In the Quinta region of Chile, a prestigious meeting of Vespa owners and enthusiasts was held, with participants from Chile and Argentina. Led by the club’s former president, Mauricio Figari, Juan Luis Crisóstomo, secretary, and Lorena Urzúa, communications, this event succeeded in reflecting the camaraderie, friendship and enthusiasm that surrounds our shared passion: the Vespa.

Photos of the event are available on the Vespa Club Santiago-Chile Instagram page:

One of the highlights of the rally was the itineraries along our long coastline, particularly towards two of the most beautiful and typical areas of the Quinta region: Papudo and Valparaíso. At the latter, we were welcomed by the Moto Club Valparaíso, the oldest motorcycling organisation in Chile (founded in 1914, it is 110 years old!), which is part of the heritage of the rich motorcycling culture of the country. Evenings around bonfires, playing the guitar, singing, playing games and generally enjoying the camaraderie: these are the experiences that united the wonderful group of 100 Vespa enthusiasts who took part in the event.

Third Annual Meeting 2024 – Vespa Club Santiago Instagram, video clip

It is an honour and a great source of satisfaction to have led the team that organised the highly successful Third National and International Rally of the Vespa Club Santiago. Seeing more than 60 passionate Argentinians cross the mountain range to join us at this event, many for the first time, along with ardent fans and customers from all regions of the country - gathering together nearly 120 Vespas in total - brings a real sense of gratitude and pride. This dream, which began to take shape nearly 3 years ago, has finally become a reality thanks to the hard team work, which I am very grateful for this”, commented Figari.

At the Vespa Club Santiago, we are undoubtedly proud of being able to hold this rally, our first international meeting with this level of participation, and we are happy to be able to share a little of what this momentous, magical moment meant to us with you.

We would also like to thank the friends who worked in partnership with us. Above all, the Motoplex Santiago/Chile ( and its owner Gonzalo Pereira for his availability and support before, during and after the event. We would also like to thank Sergio Kunz, owner of the restoration workshop Brittania, for his contribution in creating wonderful prizes for the participants. Also of note is the contribution made by Retromotori and its partners Carlos López and Enzo Serra, who were also there during the prizegiving and the competitions. Our warm thanks also goes to David Marcel and his incredible Maitia wines, which highlight the wonderful regional products that we were able to give to those present. And finally, we would like to thank Smartycar and Movicenter for the brilliant accessories that they donated to us so that we could raffle these off on the closing night.

Photos of the event are available on the Vespa Club Santiago-Chile Instagram page:

Friends, thank you all for taking part, and for your enthusiasm, affection and friendship. Vespa Club Quinta Regione, Vespa Queens, Vespa Club Quarta Regione, Vespa Club Córdoba, Vespa Club Mendoza, Vespa Club Rosario, Vendetta Vespa Club, Vespa Club Bahía Blanca, Vespa Club San Juan and our beloved members of the Vespa Club Santiago: we can only thank you for your presence, and for the effort each of you put in to be with us at our Third Annual Meeting.
We hope to continue to meet our friends in Chile, and that this will become a wonderful tradition for our club.

Third Annual Meeting 2024 – Vespa Club Santiago Instagram, video clip:

A big hug to all of our Vespa-loving friends! Warmest regards from Chile. By: the Vespa Club Santiago 2024 Board. Lorena Urzúa, President; José Antonio Villa, Treasurer; Juan Pablo Urrejola, Secretary.

(Wide magazine would like to thank the Board of the Vespa Club Santiago and the President of the Vespa Club Rosario-Argentina, Gabriel Bricco, who participated in the Third Annual Meeting in Chile, for their cooperation).

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