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Interlaken (Switzerland). From 15 through 18 June 2023 – on the banks of Lake Thun, in the city of Interlaken (Berna) – the highly anticipated and most important global rally of Vespa Clubs was held. The 2023 edition of Vespa World Days promoted by Vespa Club Switzerland, supported by an organising committee of affiliated Vespa Clubs and importer Ofrag, under the aegis of the Vespa World Club.

There was a full programme that included outings on Vespas, Gimkane, evening entertainment, elegance competition, awards, a display of historic Vespas, and a Vespa Trophy contest.

With the pinnacle of the event being the huge parade of Vespa riders which, for traffic reasons, was held in a former military airport. There were over 6,700 units from every era, ridden by Vespisti from Clubs in 31 nations.


The gathering point for the participants – members of worldwide Vespa Clubs, who were joined by numerous Vespa fans – was the Vespa Village, set up at the gates of the city in Jungfrau Park of Interlaken, livened up with food stands, clubs, live music, and deejays. Importer Ofrag set up a shop at the main entrance, providing workshop service for all participants. In addition to all this, there was a stand in the village set up by the Pontedera Piaggio Museum where a rare first series 1963 Vespa 50 was exhibited, cross-sectioned and used in what was then the Piaggio technical school to train mechanics.

Industrial history, passion, and design: Vespa Club Switzerland set up a thematic museum dedicated to the ‘Helvetic’ Vespa and Ape models with a display of vintage vehicles, multimedia projections and - a colourful note - two vintage Ape units in ‘street food’ version, one in a coffee bar version with espresso and the other in an ice cream truck version... on three wheels.

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VESPA TROPHY 2023, THE WINNERS. As we all know, Vespa is all about travel and discovery, so sharing the Piaggio Museum stand was the area dedicated to the Vespa Trophy, the contest conceived for the boldest Vespisti who came to Interlaken astride their beloved Vespas and, at the destination, handed in their travel books with the stamps collected from the check points along the route, with pit stops at participating dealers. This year competition was particularly fierce, with 151 Vespa Clubs registered. The co-star of the trophy was the network of dealers which, thanks to its vast coverage, represents an important point of reference for Vespisti on the road, ready to provide quick service for travellers headed to Vespa World Days.

The winner, coming out on top out of the battling teams from 18 nations, was Vespa Club Leoni Rossi of Ariano Irpino (province of Avellino, in Campania), taking home the coveted trophy for the first time. On the second step of the podium was Vespa Club Aprilia (province of Latina, in Lazio) and third place went to Vespa Club Le Ferriere (also from the Latina province). The Lone Rider award went to Jozef Kandràc of Vespa Club Slovakia who tackled the trip by himself. Antonio Ruggiero of Vespa Club Airola (province of Benevento, Campania) won the special award from Poggio alla Pieve, a partner of the initiative: a weekend-experience in Tuscany, with tourism and exploration of the Pontedera territory, home of Vespa and the Piaggio Museum. Last, but not least, the special Vespa Lifestyle collection award, provided by the Piaggio Museum, went to Carmine and Antonio Sapio of Vespa Club Melfi (province of Potenza, Basilicata), who travelled 1,300 km in the saddle. All participants in the competition received a 30% discount on service at workshops in the official network valid through December. This was an ‘award’ for their beloved Vespas which travelled thousands of km to reach VWDays 2023 in Switzerland.

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TRAVEL IDEAS. For those who missed the huge Vespa rally in Switzerland, you can still recreate the atmosphere by choosing a Vespa holiday on the road with the destinations of the various touring rides organised for VWDays to see the attractions of the host country. Here they are: Maison Cailler (historic chocolate factory, one of the oldest in Switzerland still in operation) in Broc; the Unesco Biosphere area, “among infinite marshlands, rugged fields, and wild mountain streams provide glimpses and views of a special genre.

The first biosphere reserve of Switzerland hosts natural beauty of an extremely high level. The tour on one day starting from Interlaken and going through the Brünigpass and the Glaubenpass all the way to the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve. After visiting the Schüpfheim Museum, through the gorgeous Schangnau and the Schallenberg pass, you’ll return to Interlaken,” the organisers explain. And then there’s a visit to the Brienz wood carving museum at the foot of the Grindelwald glacier, the Staubbach waterfalls, and a tour of Thun city and lake.

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FINALE… WITH ELEGANCE. Saturday evening, 17 June: gala dinner with traditional dishes for more than 2,000 Vespisti and a grand finale with the awards ceremony for the Elegance Competition, including fantastic outfits matching their vehicles flaunted by racing enthusiast Vespisti down to every detail and accessory. The special judging panel included Mr. Riccardo Costagliola of Piaggio Foundation, alongside Mr. Mauro Calestrini of Vespa World Club.

Arrivederci VWDays! Until we meet again! And the Vespisti are already back in the saddle to participate in the countless rallies held by the clubs in every corner of the globe and in every time zone all over the world, throughout the year. This is the beautiful thing about Vespa: passion and friendship… worldwide.

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