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Photo with ‘Arrivederci al 2024’ sign, courtesy of Eicma.


Milan, 13 November 2023 – EICMA brings the curtain down and the flame goes out on what had been called at the opening “the Olympics of passion and mobility on two wheels.” 2,036 brands were present, (a historical record for the event), more than 700 direct exhibitors, 67% of whom came from abroad representing 45 countries. More than 30 percent of the companies were present for the first time in the eight occupied halls, two more than in 2022 and three in comparison with 2021.

The premises of the 80th edition of the International Exhibition of two-wheelers, which closed last night at Fiera Milano Rho, were already those of a heralded success, and the results, at the end of the exhibition week, award the Milanese event yet another gold medal. Attendances have in fact exceeded 560 thousand, 563,848 more precisely, equal to a +19% over 2022, numbers that attest the 2023 edition as the best in the history of EICMA.
Very substantial data related to the business sphere: there were 39,392 industry professionals, selected and profiled with the renewed quality criteria introduced in 2022, who visited the Exhibition in this 2023 edition. Of these, 52 percent were from abroad and specifically from 120 different nations. Good news also on the data concerning media attendance: just over 7,000 people from 62 countries, journalists, technicians and communication professionals, content creators, who took advantage of the exclusive press day on Tuesday and recounted, even throughout the entire exhibition week, the entertainment offered inside and outside the pavilions.

And speaking of the entertainment offered by the Exhibition, also considerable is the success of the MotoLive arena, the outdoor space dedicated to racing, entertainment and show, with the more than 3,000 seats in the stands always occupied. Nearly 9,000 visitors also took advantage of the test ride areas dedicated to e-Bike and exhibitors' vehicles, while the Esports Arena, the brand new and engaging exhibition content dedicated to the gaming world, was taken by storm, with many young people and numerous VIPs and riders in attendance. Also noteworthy was the interest developed around the YUM (Your Urban Mobility) area, another novelty of 2023, which welcomed companies, institutions, Armed Forces, but also the most innovative startups in the sector, to which EICMA offers an international showcase thanks to the support of ICE, the International Trade Agency.

Gilera 300 Twin-Cylinder Guardia di Finanza motorcycle (1966) from the historic collection of the Piaggio Foundation-Museum in Pontedera (Pisa province) which the Guardia di Finanza (Italian Police Corps for economic-financial legality) themselves requested to display in their stand at Eicma 2023. Photo courtesy of the Guardia di Finanza.

Paolo Magri, CEO of EICMA S.p.A.: “There is no pre- or post-pandemic, there is EICMA. Reading these results leaves no room for interpretation and confirms how much our appointment is still today the best performing business and relations, and above all, marketing and communication, opportunity for companies in our sector. We continue to demonstrate an international appeal and value unique in the world, growing uninterruptedly and exponentially in all indicators since 2021, when some thought our event was obsolete. Added to this is the growing attention of institutions, which also relaunches the value of EICMA as an indispensable moment to turn a spotlight on the instances of the industry and increase its and relevance and authority.”

Photo courtesy Eicma.

Pietro Meda, president of EICMA S.p.A.: “EICMA has not only continued to invest on its evolution from a trade fair to an exhibition event, but it enters its 110th year of history with an open eye to the future and to the innovation of the event itself, attesting to some extent also as a cross-cultural and lifestyle event. The pavilions were packed with families and young people, with passion, new special content, entertainment and events, which flank in an increasingly comprehensive and engaging way the great commitment of the exhibitors, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks for the trust and loyalty they continue to show us. We also extend the same gratitude to our sponsors, partners and institutions that support EICMA.”
The appointment with EICMA 2024 is November 5-10.

Courtesy Eicma.

EICMA PREVIEW: IN 2024 THE 110TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE EXHIBITION EVENT, CELEBRATORY LOGO UNVEILED. INTERNATIONAL TWO-WHEELER EXHIBITION OPENS A YEAR OF CELEBRATIONS, SPECIAL EVENTS AND INITIATIVES ARE PLANNED TO CELEBRATE THE WORLD'S LONGEST-RUNNING EXHIBITION EVENT. In the last day of EICMA 2023, Sunday 12 November, The International Exhibition of Two Wheelers is heading to the conclusion of a highly successful exhibition week, already aiming for the 2024 Edition. And it does so by opening a year entirely dedicated to celebrating the event's 110th anniversary. It was in fact 1914 when, at the Kursal Diana in Milan, the first edition of what was the Bicycle and Motorcycle Show was held: the first step of a fair, which in more than a century of history has established itself as the most important event in the world for the industry of reference, evolving together with the companies of the sector and telling the story of the country through two wheels. To celebrate this unique milestone, EICMA launched during the six-day event its celebratory logo, the first and official communication action anticipating a year marked by special initiatives and events.

From the left, Eicma CEO Paolo Magri; creative artist Lorenzo Marini; Eicma President Pietro Meda. Photo courtesy of Eicma.

The president of EICMA Spa, Pietro Meda, confirms that “the presentation of this logo, which is inspired by art, coincides with the opening of a special year, not lacking in surprises and novelties: that of EICMA is a unique story in the world and this is a unique milestone, which dutifully deserves to be celebrated in a big way and together with the industry to which for 110 ten years we have offered an incredible stage. And only by looking at our roots and the value of our history can we look at the future.”

Courtesy Eicma.

The art of two wheels, for 110 years” is the claim that accompanies the celebratory mark that came out of the stroke of Lorenzo Marini, publicist, co-founder and creative director of the Yes Marini agency in Milan (creator of the 2023 ‘Eicma Effect’ communication campaign). It is the artist himself who explains its origin and inspiration: “While graphic design is rational, art is impulsive. This graphic sign conveys speed, travel, emotion. I did not want to draw a number, the number of celebration, but to tell a story made of ideas, adrenaline, insights. Yellow represents light, the sun, energy; black represents the track, the path, the wheel. This combination creates a vibrant work of art that contrasts the importance of more than a century of history. It serves as a reminder that history is now, history happens in this moment, in the eternal present.”

(Sources: Eicma press releases).

REMEMBERING CEO ROBERTO COLANINNO. “I would like to begin this edition of Eicma 2023 by remembering Roberto Colaninno (translator’s note - late CEO and Managing Director of the Piaggio Group), who would have been with us today. This edition is virtually dedicated to him. A warm embrace to his sons Matteo and Michele and to the entire family from the Eicma family”, Eicma President Pietro Meda launched the opening event of exhibition number 80 on 7 November 2023. An edition that ended with record numbers.