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January 2023 (G.T.) – The worldwide population of Vespisti never stops and is always on the move. While in Europe and in the States they begin to polish and fine tune their beloved two-wheelers in anticipation of upcoming events, spinning the globe and pointing there where summer is approaching, Vespa fans in Central and South American have already begun to enjoy the new Vespa riding season, participating in the “Vespa Sudamérica Days” in Quito, Peru, and in the 20° Encuentro Nacional e Internacional Vespa Clubbe, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2023 worldwide events to be discovered on the websites and social media platforms of National Vespa Clubs affiliated with the Vespa World Club.
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Of the thousands of events organised every year all around the world, here we will mention two of the most important 2023 Vespa rallies: AmeriVespa and the Vespa World Days. Preceded by the Vespa Club Australia national rally, a Vespa World Club affiliate: “2023 Australian Vespa Days, in Wangaratta (Victoria), 24-26 March.”

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AMERIVESPA 2023 (30th EDITION), 1-4 JUNE, FALSTAFF, ARIZONA. Here is the invitation from the organisers: “Every year, Amerivespa, the USA's largest motor-scooter gathering, attracts 600-800 Vespa aficionados and other scooter-motorists from all across the United States (and all around the globe!) for a four-day event in celebration of all things scooter!

AmeriVespa 2023 is coming to Flagstaff! – Phoenix Scooter Club official video.

If you love Vespa or riding your motor-scooter this is the event for you! From 1 to 4 June, we expect another extraordinary event. We will be enjoying the sites and scenery of Flagstaff, AZ. Thanks to the incredible Phoenix Club and Vespa Club of America for teaming up!

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Amazing rides and dozens of miles to travel together, with destinations such as Sedona, Jerome, Mormon Lake, Indian Gardens/Slide Rock, Wupatki Pueblo, Snowbowl/Aspen Loop, and the Grand Canyon, not to mention entertainment (like the Rout 66 Scooter Party). Plus, the annual General Meeting for Chapter Clubs where members of the Vespa Club of America will participate, and the celebratory banquet – for the 30th anniversary of our annual national event – are just a few of the initiatives and thrills to expect. Don't forget to register... We can't wait to see you!”

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VESPA WORLD DAYS 2023, 15-18 JUNE, INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND. The most important world Vespa rally in the world, organised by the Swiss national Vespa Club under the aegis of the Vespa World Club, will have a full programme. Vespa outings, the Vespa Museum, Gimkane, evening entertainment, elegance competition, opening ceremony (on the 15th at 2 p.m.) and closing ceremony (on the 18th at 2 p.m.).

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Here are some of the destinations for the various rides on the programme: Maison Cailler (historic chocolate factory), the Unesco Biosphere area - “Infinite marshlands, rugged fields, and wild mountain streams provide glimpses and views of a special genre. The first biosphere reserve of Switzerland hosts natural beauty of an extremely high level. The tour on one day will take us from Interlaken through the Brünigpass and the Glaubenpass all the way to the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve. After visiting the Schüpfheim Museum, through the gorgeous Schangnau and the Schallenberg pass, we’ll return to Interlaken,” the organisers explain. And there will also be a visit to the Brienz wood carving museum at the foot of the Grindelwald glacier, the Staubbach waterfalls, and a tour of Thun city and lake.

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Image source: VWDays Suisse 2023 Facebook page.