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July 2019 - Creativity and passion guide the Piaggio Group importer/dealer “Wheels of Arabia”, operational in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with headquarter in the capital city of Manama. The first six months of 2019 were full of initiatives and events in Bahrain, with focus on the Vespa and Aprilia brands (the importer also manages Piaggio and Moto Guzzi).

Wheels of Arabia customers in Bahrain. Source of images: facebook.com/wheelsofarabia.bh

VESPA. Here is a quick rundown of the initiatives in the first half of 2019. To celebrate Italian Design Day 2019 (20-27 March), the Italian Embassy in Manama, Bahrain - in collaboration with the Museum of the Italian Brand - organised the “Italian Brands” show on the industrial brand. The purpose of the exhibition was to illustrate the 20-year evolution of the graphics and style of the best-known Italian brands and it was set up in the central plaza of “The Avenues” mall, a highly-frequented shopping centre by Bahrainis and Saudis. For the occasion, Italian-design products were also exhibited (cars, motorcycles, furniture elements).

In this setting, the Piaggio Group importer in Bahrain, “Wheels of Arabia”, handled Vespa’s presence (seen in the images above are Italian Ambassador to Manama, Domenico Bellato in the Vespa exhibition area), the iconic scooter also on display in the most important malls, as well as in the famous Italian restaurant Medzo, which launched the “FindLuigi” promotion in the spring with Vespa as protagonist (the contest anticipated one of two alternative prizes: chef Luigi Ferraro’s red Vespa or a trip for two to Italy).

Wheels of Arabia also promotes weekly Vespa rides for customers and Vespa fans with great participation. It is also very active on its official social media channels.

APRILIA. Wheels of Arabia is active in racing with Aprilia bikes that race in the Bahrain Super Sport Championship (Superbike), a series that serves as a development path for young riders on their way to professional racing. In fact, the BSSP (which attracts riders from all over the world) is focused on the development of young talent from Bahrain and their adequate preparation through the BSBK Academy.

The BSBK ACADEMY was created to develop and improve the riders’ skills in a safe and controlled environment. The Academy offers coachingandmentoring for motorcycle riders who want to improve their riding skills or even for future racers. It encourages younger generations to ride, developing the necessary skills, having fun, but always with an attentive eye on safety.

Source of images: instagram.com/bahrainsuperbike