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Lenny Kravitz (photo: Mathieu Bitton).

“It’s a beautiful California day. About to hit the Pacific Coast Highway. Thank you Cycle Garden Moto Guzzi for the 1973 Eldorado”: this is the message posted on 1 March by celebrated US singer and guitarist Lenny Kravitz on his Facebook page (more than 5,800,000 likes); a post shared by more than 4,500 followers. It must be a memorable experience to ride a captivating vintage Moto Guzzi bike along the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway (a favourite road with motorcyclists, which winds along the cliffs with sheer drops to the ocean). The singer is a keen biker, and we have a message for him: “Hi Lenny, for your next trip along the coast, try the new Eldorado: a 1970s-style revival with a legendary engine and cutting-edge technology, it guarantees an emotion-packed ride.” Confirmation comes from another devoted Guzzi and Eldorado fan, actor Ewan McGregor. Here is his video.

Moto Guzzi Eldorado and Ewan McGregor

And it’s certainly a pleasure for Lenny's fans to follow him at his concerts, and enjoy his brand of rock, funk and soul. The next date is 27 May, at Bottle Rock Napa Valley, California (USA). The rockstar, a native of New York, is also very popular on the web: the video of his hit “The Chamber” (Explicit) has more than 17,630,000 views; another famous track, “I Belong to You”, has more than 10,300,000 views. You can watch and listen to him here: enjoy!

Lenny Kravitz - I Belong To You




Lenny Kravitz and Ewan McGregor are both very familiar with Cycle Garden Moto Guzzi (Huntington Beach, California), the famous service centre that restores vintage motorbikes from the Italian manufacturer. One of the most sought after models among its customers is the Guzzi Eldorado V850, including the Police version. Cycle Garden chief Moe Moore has restored more than a few: black and beautiful, complete with siren (which are then sold to American, British and Swiss devotees). Here is a video from Moore: give up when you hear the siren!

1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Police fresh restoration with siren

An ad from the 1970s.