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Vespa Primavera celebrates its first fabulous 50 years. The first version of what would become a timeless classic first appeared at the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA) in 1967 and was a revolution: small, nimble, propelled by a perky engine, Primavera gave free flight to several generations and remained in continuous production until 1982. It became a legendary model, but also one of the most spectacular commercial successes in Vespa's history.

Today Vespa Primavera embodies all the values that, half a century ago, made it successful. Young, innovative, technologically avant-garde, agile and dynamic, and environmentally friendly, Vespa Primavera is a modern bike, inheriting the freshness and joie de vivre of its progenitor.

The 2018 Vespa Primavera is a further improvement offering a series of updates that increase comfort, safety and renew the style. The biggest change is the size of the wheel rims: 12", made of aluminium alloy and with a new five-spoke design, they are the largest in Vespa's history. This provides greater stability, improved safety, and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions. The LED lighting technology, now adopted for both the front headlight and the rear light, boost active safety.

The Bike Finder and the seat remote control now are standard. Vespa Primavera also benefits from other changes to its line that distinguish it from previous versions. Indeed, the characteristic "tie" on the chrome front and the chrome ridge on the front mudguard are both new. The new Vespa Primavera is available in displacements of 50 cc, 125 and 150, latest generation four-stroke engines with high performance and low fuel consumption.

VESPA PRIMAVERA 50° ANNIVERSARIO. Vespa Primavera made its debut at the 1967 Milan Motorcycle Show before going on sale in 1968. This was a year that made its mark on Western history and culture. From the University of California to the streets of Paris, a new social group, young people, became self-aware and claimed their place in a society that was changing tumultuously. It was the year when every structure was smashed, of a revolution that affected technology, architecture, design, culture and the arts with music providing a powerful soundtrack.

Vespa Primavera made its first appearance in that tumult of ideas and fervour, becoming the star by making two wheels and an engine available to the changing world: it became the heroine of an unforgettable season. Nimble, innovative lines, sparkling performance, easy and fun to ride - Vespa Primavera was a breath of fresh air in a world hungry for change. A Vespa that, in continual evolution, has become an example of style and technology. Vespa Primavera 50° Anniversario celebrates that extraordinary time by making its own all the technical and stylistic values that made the first Primavera such a success and expressing them with all of Vespa’s typical cutting edge technology. Vespa Primavera 50° Anniversario, fitted with the 50cc 4T and 125 i-get engines, stands out for its new Light Blue and Brown colours with coordinated saddles, the sleek grey finish of the five-spoke wheels and of course the elegant logo on the back.

VESPA PRIMAVERA S. A new version of the most beloved Vespa that adds boldness and sportiness to the classic Primavera. On top of all the new features that enrich the range, Vespa Primavera S incorporates a fully digital instrument panel with a 4.3" full colour TFT display. It is a true revolution for Vespa, which for the first time in its history boasts a completely digital colour dashboard. The instrument panel, as well as displaying all the classic information, such as speed, total and partial mileage, ambient temperature, and fuel level, works as a display for the latest release of the VMP (Vespa Multimedia Platform).

The VMP app adds a series of features to the Vespa control panel for processing and managing an incredible amount of information sent to the rider about the vehicle status and the route being followed. The system also allows you to use the keys on the handlebars to answer calls and to use the smartphone's voice commands to make calls or play music by activating a playlist.
There are three new matt colours in the Vespa Primavera S colour range: Rosso Profondo (red), Beige Sahara (beige), Blu Armonia (blue).

VESPA PRIMAVERA TOURING. Is inspired by the vocation for travelling that Vespa has always embodied in its long history thanks to a special set up. The Touring version includes all the changes and upgrades of the Vespa Primavera starting with the 12" twin wheels, and is enriched by chromed front luggage rack and rear luggage racks, as seen in the most classic Vespa iconography, which considerably increases the load capacity and readies the most loved scooter in the world for any adventurous journey.

The dedicated seat and elegant top fairing are also part of its Touring equipment. The new Vespa Primavera, Primavera S and Primavera Touring are driven by modern one-cylinder four-stroke 125 and 150 cc engines, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. The control unit now contains a barometric sensor, which ensures always-optimum combustion under all conditions and at all altitudes. The engine power and torque delivered thus reach new levels of steadiness and reliability, also in city traffic, characterised by continuous “stop and go”.

The engines are absolutely environmentally friendly and perform at the top of their category: the i-get 125 cc engine delivers power and torque of respectively 7.9 kW at 7,700 rpm and 10.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm, while the 150 cc reaches a maximum power of 9.5 kW at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. These values, together with the well-known low weight typical of all Vespas, make the “small body” Vespa especially perky both under city traffic conditions and in open-road stretches. This brilliant performance comes together with extremely low fuel consumption: the special design of the engine and the solutions adopted for the various components make it possible to achieve a consumption of 44.2 km/l for the 125 and 40.3 km/l for the 150, as measured in the WMTC cycle. Its large 8-litre tank, gives Vespa Primavera a full riding range: on a full tank, it is possible to cover 364 km with the 125 cc version and 328 km with the 150 cc model.