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RACE 1. Misano Adriatico (Italy), 27 July 2019 - Lorenzo Savadori starts extremely well in Superbike race 1 of the Campionato Italiano Velocità (Italian Speed Championship) astride his Nuova M2 Racing Aprilia RSV4 FW-STK. From the third spot on the grid that he earned during qualifying, he sprang forward to move ahead of the rest, managing to pull away from the group, taking the first two followers with him. After no less than five laps at the limit, holding onto the race lead, Savadori was then forced to relinquish the position, falling back into second place. It was a spectacular race for the Aprilia rider, who certainly entertained the fans as he drifted around the corners looking for maximum performance and holding onto second place all the way to the end, accumulating an advantage of more than 8 seconds over his nearest rival and saving his rear tyre for the race finale.

Federico D’Annunzio started well from the second row, staying in the top ten for the entire first half of the race. However, running long on the Quercia corner cost him two positions. In the race finale, he managed to make up some lost ground, overtaking twice to move into tenth place.
Lorenzo Savadori – Superbike (bike no. 32): “Unfortunately, we knew that it would be difficult here, because the Ducatis have more strong points than we do, especially on a track like Misano where we struggle a bit. In any case, the race result is certainly positive. I am satisfied. We need to try to make another step forward for the race tomorrow. It will not be easy, but we need to give it our all. A huge thank you to Aprilia, the entire Nuova M2 Racing team that is doing a fantastic job and Massimo Rivola who, along with Fausto Gresini, is here to support us.”

Federico D’Annunzio – Superbike (bike no. 41): “Up to qualifying, it was a very, very positive weekend. I worked well with the Nuova M2 Racing team despite the difficult track conditions. It was inexplicably more slippery than in the past. We adapted well to these conditions. I knew that it would be difficult to maintain the outstanding performance of the qualifiers in the race. I made a bit mistake in the race to try and overtake on the Quercia, almost ending up in the gravel when I went way too long. I recovered way behind, losing contact with the group I had been battling in. With a great pace I caught up to the group ahead of me and managed to overtake two rivals. For tomorrow we are hoping for dry conditions. I wish to thank all the sponsors and the people who are here to cheer us on.”

Misano Adriatico (Italy), 28 July 2019 - Uncertain weather all day Sunday at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. Heavy rainfall all night long, the sun warming and drying out the track in the late morning, but another summer thunderstorm in the early afternoon wetted the Italian track down again and for Superbike Race 2 in Campionato Italiano Velocità (Italian Speed Championship) Nuova M2 Racing and all the other riders on the grid were forced to put on rain tyres.
Lorenzo Savadori started well, moving up a position straight away, but he fell back shortly thereafter due to his lack of feeling on a track in conditions he had never before experienced. After using the early laps to gain confidence, he managed to settle into his pace which allowed him to come back, catching up with the leading group and moving up a position, taking his Aprilia RSV4 FW-STK into sixth place.

Federico D’Annunzio's race was initially characterised by an adaptation to track conditions. After the first laps, he managed to find the right compromise astride his Aprilia, significantly lowering his times, doing his best one on the last lap, finishing the race in eleventh place.

The 10 points Lorenzo Savadori earned allow him to solidify his second place in the overall standings with an outstanding 42-point advantage over his closest follower. Federico D’Annunzio moves into twelfth place with 41 points, just ten points from the top ten.
The inclement weather pardoned National Trophy 1000, with the sun tentatively coming out to dry the track of the rain that had fallen during the night. Eddi La Marra started well from the fourth spot on the grid astride his Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory, immediately recovering a position, moving into second place a few turns later and setting off to hunt down the leader.

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In order to keep turning fast laps, the Ferentino (province of Frosinone, central-Italy) native would have had to take too many pointless risks, so he decided that with his championship position, it would be best to finish the race at all costs, taking home as many points as possible. La Marra settled into his pace, engaging in a battle for third in the race finale. When the chequered flag came out, he was fourth, just two tenths of a second off the podium.

Alex Sgroi lost three positions at the start, finding himself ninth at the end of the first lap. The Catania (Sicily, Italy) native confirmed the outstanding pace he had demonstrated in qualifying, recovering positions lap after lap and managing to finish the race in seventh place. The young Sicilian continues to gain experience and Nuova M2 Racing expects further improvement from him in the final part of the championship season.

Eddi La Marra's fourth-place finish comes after three consecutive wins and allows him to maintain a firm grip on his championship lead with 88 points, a solid 16-point margin ahead of his closest follower. Alex Sgroi is fifth in the overall standings with 39 points.
There will be time now for a long summer break, with the next round scheduled for the weekend of 21 and 22 September at the Mugello circuit with double races in both Superbike and in National Trophy 1000.


Lorenzo Savadori – Superbike (moto n. 32): “It was a race conditioned by bad weather. We knew that we would have struggled because we didn't have much grip and things got worse in the wet. We are not satisfied because we had different expectations for this race 2 but, considering the fact that we were not entirely sorted, we can say that taking home sixth place makes it a positive race. I wish to thank everyone who supports me.”
Federico D’Annunzio – Superbike (moto n. 41): “It was a difficult race with conditions we had never experienced in the rest of the weekend. This morning the track was damp, but not wet like in the race. It's a pity, because I struggled to find a good balance and to ride the way I would have liked to. Only toward the end did I recover a bit, lapping with decent times on my RSV4. We'll work hard to try and make up for its next race. Thanks to everyone for your support.”
Eddi La Marra - National Trophy 1000 (moto n. 47): “We are leaving Misano with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths. The weekend started a bit badly. We had hoped for a dry track and it came for the race, but it didn't help because we had a little problem that we need to check on. Looking at the glass half full, I must be positive because we managed to limit the damage. I would have liked to have finished on the podium today too, because my goal was never to finish off the podium, but I wasn't able to. We'll organise a test with Nuova M2 Racing now so that we'll be prepared when we get to Mugello. I wish to thank the entire team, with whom I am working very hard, the sponsors and the people who follow me.”
Alex Sgroi - National Trophy 1000 (moto n. 33): “Unlucky race. I started badly and was unable to limit how much the rear was sliding around. I thought I had ridden better, but the times we expected didn't come. I am leaving here with some regrets, but we'll try to work hard to tackle the next double round in Mugello as best we can. A big thank you to the team and all the people who follow me.”
Superbike Championship Standings:  1- Pirro M. 190pts. 2- Savadori L. 128pts. 3- Cavalieri S. 86pts.
12- D’Annunzio F. 41pts.
National Trophy 1000 Championship Standings: 1- La Marra E. 88pts. 2- Perotti F. 72pts. 3- Fabrizio M. 45pts. 5- Sgroi A. 39pts.
Superbike Manufacturer Standings: 1- Ducati 190pts. 2- Aprilia 132pts. 3. BMW 98pts.  4- Yamaha 72pts.

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