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BY 03/13

From Adelaide to London on a Vespa PX

An adventure lasting two years and covering 10,000 miles for Drew Milne, a young Australian engineer with a passion for the Italian scooter

A great adventure astride his beloved Vespa PX 200 for a young Australian IT engineer: in March 2011, at the age of 31, Drew Milne left his hometown, Adelaide, and exactly two years later, in March 2013, reached London, after covering 10,000 miles on the road, (i.e., not including the necessary transfers by boat and plane). His journey took him across the world, from South East Asia to India, the Middle East and Europe, to his final destination in the British capital.
The “Vescapade” as he calls his adventure has its own Facebook page, and Milne plans to publish a book about his experiences, describing places, people and his emotions as he travelled down roads and dirt tracks in all weathers and temperatures, from subzero to tropical.
“Riding a Vespa is a unique way to see the world,” Milne told the media. “People are curious about the scooter, they want to have a look at it, and it helps you make friends.” Friends like the Pakistani lad who helped him unpack his Vespa from the wooden crate shipped from Dubai, or the band that were waiting to welcome him on his arrival in Belgrade with full honours and video clips posted on YouTube, and a thousand other memorable encounters.
Drew has experienced new cultures and peoples, as well as the contradictions between old and new, from East to West. And today, thanks to his Vescapade, he can truly say he has met the world.
Of course, it takes courage and a touch of recklessness to put your life on hold and set off for a solitary trip into the unknown. Drew succeeded, and fortune, which favours the brave, was on his side. So now, until a new adventure beckons, he is remembering the infinite sights, sounds and smells of a truly fascinating journey.