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May 2019 – In travelling, over the years, many Vespa enthusiasts from the Vespa Club Rosario in Argentina have chosen Europe – often to take part in the Vespa World Days, the global gathering of Vespa fans, which is held every year in a different European country (this year it is taking place in Hungary, in Zanka, on Lake Balaton, from 6 to 9 June 2019. Info: vespaworlddays2019.hu) – with a stopover in Italy, for an unforgettable visit to the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, in Tuscany, very close to the Piaggio factory where Vespas has made without interruption since 1946.

Among our "travelling" friends of the Argentinian Vespa enthusiasts is also this couple of newlyweds, who tell us their story here: "We are Guillermo and Georgina from the city of Rosario in Argentina; we married on 29 December 2018 – with as 'special guest' our beloved Vespa – and on the 30th of December our honeymoon started in Europe and continued in January 2019.


On 31 December we arrived in Paris, in France, to celebrate New Year Parisienne style, on the famous Champs Elysees lit up before the Arc de Triomphe: it was a wonderful spectacle!

We continued our 'Euro-trip' in London, which we really liked, and we then moved on to Portugal. Before continuing our story, I should make clear that my wife is a chef and pastry cook: she works in Rosario as teacher of a confectionery class and has her own brand. I'm a sommelier. So our journey – as you can imagine – was based around our passions: love for good food, drink and Vespas! We had a wonderful time in Portugal; the truth is that it's a really great destination! We then went on to Spain: Madrid and Barcelona, trying the famous ham and cider.

A few days later we landed in Rome, the 'Eternal City'. The truth is that we are in love with Italy; we moved on to Florence, a splendid artistic and historical city. So, on 23 January 2019, we arrived in Pontedera, the city of the Vespa. And, thanks to the contacts of Salvador Mateo Ruiz the 'eminence' of the Rosario Vespa Club (he is on the right, in the photo below, together with Martin Brook, Italy's Consul General in Rosario, during a recent Vespa event, ed. note), we were welcomed with open arms.

Italian Design Day 2019: great party in Rosario, at the Italian Consulate, with the meeting of Vespa enthusiasts

Before a quick stop in Piaggio (in the photo below, the couple are at the entrance to the Company; in the photo under the headline they are in the Piaggio Museum, ed. note), we enjoyed a great visit to the nearby Piaggio Museum: a place where we could relive an extraordinary industrial and cultural story; we were absolutely fascinated by the Museum!


We 'saw' Piaggio's history pass before our eyes, through the display of all the models of the most beautiful scooter in the world, the Vespa! Unique moments, a fantastic experience!

After this wonderful day we continued our journey towards Milan. And Italy continued to amaze us! Our next destination was the SIRHA food fair in Lyon, in France, a biennial global event for the catering and hotel industry (it took place at Euroexpo, from 26 to 30 January 2019; next edition in January 2021, ed. note), where the world championships of various disciplines in the sector take place. Finally, we concluded our honeymoon by staying in Paris, where we started our journey, taking back with us so many memories of beautiful moments and so many new friends! A big hello to Vespa enthusiasts worldwide!". Best wishes to Guillermo and Georgina!