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October 2020 - During the evolution of the RS 660 Aprilia a range of accessories that emphasize its various incarnations have been developed, enhancing performance and improving comfort and functionality.

Complete "For Race Use Only" Aprilia exhaust by Akrapovic: complete exhaust system with collectors and carbon terminal for use on the circuit, not homologated for road use. This reduces weight and enhances both the sound and performance of the twin cylinders.

The specialized ECU mapping is included in the kit, with the software for using the quick-shift with the gearbox in reverse configuration. The software (also available as a separate accessory) enables the pit-limiter function.

Complete homologated Aprilia exhaust by Akrapovic: complete exhaust system with manifolds homologated for road use. Enhances the performance, sound and look of the RS 660.
Software for inverted gearbox: to use the quick-shift with the gearbox in inverted configuration it is enough to load the accessory software into the control unit, without the need to replace any bike parts. The software enables the pit-limiter function.

Brake and clutch lever: in billet aluminium, these are adjustable and complete the sporty look of the vehicle.

Wheel stickers: adhesives to be applied to the rim channels to give the RS 660 a more aggressive look.
Swingarm paddock stands: rear wheel stationary stand, indispensable on the track as well as for motorcycle maintenance.
Tank guards: in adhesive 3D material, theses protect the tank and limit the rider from sliding. Also available for the rear of the tank.

Carbon license plate holder: very light, these enhance the RS 660’s aesthetics.

Comfort seat: made with gel inserts, these increase riding comfort. Larger fairing: offers better protection to the rider from air currents, both on the road and on-track.

Saddle bag: indispensable for tourism, these are designed to be positioned on the passenger seat, without compromising the rider's riding comfort.

Tank bag: designed to be placed safely and comfortably on the tank.

Electronic anti-theft: made up of a compact and technologically advanced control unit, easy to install. Comes equipped with a remote control. The system is self-powered and has minimal energy absorption.

USB socket: essential for charging external devices such as mobile phones. It is applied to the side the dashboard.

Aprilia MIA: a new device that allows you to connect your smartphone to the bike via bluetooth, transforming it into a true multimedia platform.

Indoor vehicle cover: protects the motorcycle from dirt and dust during long stops.
Single seat tail cover: completes the sporting image of the vehicle by eliminating the passenger seat and enhancing the design of the RS 660.

Aprilia Full Face Helmet, in three colour variations that can be coordinated with the liveries of the RS 660; Racing Jacket Aprilia; gloves for motorcyclists Aprilia.