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October 2023 – 7-10 September 2023: the days of the Moto Guzzi Open House 2023 big event in Mandello del Lario were also an important “international showcase” for Moto Guzzi World Club, participating with its institutional stand. The Moto Guzzi World Club is the official brand club that includes the Moto Guzzi clubs around the world and spreads passion for the Eagle Brand from Mandello del Lario by organising official rallies and gatherings of the worldwide members.

An attraction for the large crowds at the Open House was the official MGWC inflatable area, located in a highly visible position of the internal courtyard. On the days of the rally, in addition to the Board of Directors, several members took turns here, not the least of whom was Pesaro native Federico Fori, to handle the sale of shirts, patches, and gadgets related to the official events. But the most popular activity was offering information on official brand clubs, their activities, rallies, and organised events, as well as how clubs and members could register.

It was a success!” commented secretary Marco Costo, “Thousands of Guzzisti and members of numerous MGWC affiliated clubs from all over Italy and abroad flocked to the stand. Working alongside the Moto Guzzi team and the service team dedicated to the organisation and managing the big Moto Guzzi event in Mandello is a great satisfaction.”

We are also a digital organisation now,” President Mario Arosio stated from the stage (in the photo above and below),The MGWC registrations take place exclusively online, through the new managing platform. The rallies are held, in addition to in person, also via video call. And we were able to conduct the last vote on the 2022 budget through a certified on-line system in order to allow an increasingly broader participation of members without any geographical barriers. Moto Guzzi has made and continues to make motorcycling history on a global level, and it is only right that its brand club, which is also an expression of the company’s desires, have just as much visibility on an international level.”

This year, the national meeting was held in Benevento,” Arosio continued, “whereas the Mediterranean Area rally took place in Trapani. For next year, some foreign destinations are being looked at which, after Holland, Switzerland, Malta, and Greece, will take the Eagle from Mandello back to Europe.”

The “competition” component of the Board of Directors was also in the stand. From Monza (and what better city than the one that hosts the most famous racetrack in Italy?) Michele Sfratta, Managing Director of the Moto Guzzi Vintage Trophy (part of the FMI CIV Classic calendar). Michele reported that, during the rally, they had the chance to meet a lot of young Guzzisti and enthusiasts, explain the details of the Guzzi Trophy and how to participate in it, as well as its philosophy. The primary objective is not simply speed and performance, but rather the opportunity to ride with greater awareness of one’s skills, especially focusing on the safety component. The group of four formula, a category which rewards consistent lap times instead of pure speed, is the most suited option to grow as track riders on a circuit, savouring the joy of competition and drastically reducing risks.

Five thrilling rounds for the 2023 Moto Guzzi Vintage Trophy, organized by the MGW (as part of the FMI-Italian Motorcycle Federation/CIV-Speed Italian Championship, Classic section calendar).

Through this formula, a component which is one of the initiatives launched by MGWC about 15 years ago, it has been possible to allow numerous Guzzisti to get on the track, wearing their own leathers and getting a taste of the joy and thrills of the starting grid, from the lights going off all the way to the chequered flag that waves at the end of each individual race.
Great thrills, passion, selflessness, a spirit of aggregation, and the pure pleasure of being together, are all common elements of each MGWC event.

PRE-REGISTRATION OPEN FOR 2024. On 14 and 15 October 2023, MGWC invited fans to Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the grand finale of the Moto Guzzi Vintage Trophy (organised by MGWC) and the Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance Trophy, the final race of the 2023 season.

MOTO GUZZI WORLD CLUB Official video-Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance Trophy 2023.
Final round in Misano: 2nd place for the Moto Guzzi World Club racing team:

For the occasion, through the distribution of flyers complete with QR Code, MGWC pre-registration for 2024 opened. Included in the numerous events and national and international rallies are also new activities intended especially for young people, to attract potential riders to one of the most iconic brands on the market and in history.


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In the photographs, on the left: Marco Costo, Communication Manager, MGWC board; on the right, the flyer distributed at the Mandello Open House and at the Misano Circuit during the final round of the single-brand trophy. English translation: The brand’s institutional club invites you to join. Events, initiatives, shows on social media and in person. With the largest family of Guzzisti, you’ll participate in official rallies, you’ll be able to take advantage of the offers reserved for members, and you'll receive at home Bicilindrica - the magazine of the Guzzi’s fans. Register now for 2024:

(Source: Moto Guzzi World Club).