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Sicilian brothers Giovanni and Francesco Fecarotta with their Ape Cannolo on the streets of Treviso.

February 2021 – Two brothers, a simple and ingenious idea, and a delightful and tireless travel companion that is recognisable at a glance anywhere: these are the ingredients of the fortunate Ape Cannolo-Cannoleria Siciliana business, founded by Giovanni and Francesco Fecarotta who, since 2014, have been providing the pastry specialities of their native Sicily on the streets of Veneto (Northern Italy), specifically in Treviso and the surrounding areas, with the famous three-wheeled Ape, reaching about forty villages, mile after mile.

The secret of their success, they explain on their Facebook page, is that the fragrant cannoli shells arrive regularly from an authentic Palermitano bakery and are filled - strictly at the time of sale - with sheep’s milk ricotta that comes from small livestock operations in the Agrigento and Trapani areas. And this is how Treviso was won over by Sicilian pastries with this small, slow street food enterprise that also does home delivery.

The Marca Trevigiana natives with a sweet tooth have by now become loyal fans of the Ape Cannolo, certain of enjoying a fresh product, filled on the spot with creamy sheep’s milk ricotta, available both in the classic version and with cannoli made with dough and pistachio, all garnished with candied fruit and chopped pistachios.

But that’s not all: there are also mouth-watering “cassatine”, a delight for the eye and the palate, as well as the famous “frutta Martorana” (Martorana fruit), a handmade product which is also painted by hand with natural colours (with ultra-Sicilian “royal pastry” base, a blend of almonds and sugar similar to marzipan), made in full observance of the tradition of a true artist, namely Giovanni and Francesco’s mother, a willing “accomplice” in her sons’ business. A fantastic direct line between Southern and Northern Italy, 1,500 km long, that provides absolute happiness to every customer.

Sweets to enjoy and give as gifts (also available in elegant, beribboned boxes) which will certainly not be easily forgotten. It’s “Sicilian Street Food”, bellezza!!!