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Photo courtesy of AVR (Matteo Donzelli). Historic centre of Pisa: on the left, Porter NP6 at work in Piazza Duomo; on the right, in Piazza dei Cavalieri.

October 2023 (G.T.) – The Piaggio Porter NP6 city truck is a compact, eco-friendly, and extremely versatile commercial vehicle, available in multiple versions (chassis, fixed deck, tipper deck) and capable of “transforming” to meet a vast range of needs, thanks in part to the numerous special outfittings. Here, the protagonist is the Porter NP6 with hinged tail and side boards chosen for the AVR S.p.A. fleet, a company that handles global road maintenance service in Pisa, the Tuscan city with the famous leaning tower (UNESCO Heritage of Humanity Site), which is the bell tower for the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral in Piazza del Duomo, celebrating 850 years from the date the first stone was laid this year.

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The External Relations and Communication Office of the AVR Group explains,AVR S.p.A. is a Services and Facility Maintenance company that handles road and public green area management, as well as environmental services including urban sanitation, reclamation of contaminated sites, and waste treatment plants. Following a unique path, forged by the entrepreneurial vision of strong and innovative founders, it has developed an integrated offer model. Its ability to establish roots in the territory and to assume complete autonomous management of it, combined with a specialised, autonomous approach, attentive to meeting the needs of public and private clients, has made it an organisation with competitive expertise which maintains the assets entrusted to it with presence, flexibility, customisation, the use of innovative technologies, and the constant implementation of its best resources and skills.

Photo courtesy of AVR (Matteo Donzelli). Porter NP6 in in service in the historic centre: here it is shown driving in front of the site of the famous “Scuola Normale Superiore” in Piazza dei Cavalieri, another location symbolic of Pisa. In the photo below, the Road Maintenance Service worker is working on the pavement.

In the roads sector, AVR has become specialised in Global service contracts, a ‘turnkey’ management model based on performance, which goes beyond ‘trouble call’ maintenance, focusing on predictive operations, and it is set up in an integrated and complex chain of operations - services and works - which ensure restoration, operation, and knowledge of the roadways effectively and sustainably.

Specifically, from 2009, AVR has been managing Maintenance service for the municipal roadways and relative appurtenances on behalf of Pisamo and the Municipality of Pisa. This is an assignment which renews every three years and which covers 600 km of roads. The management services include government headquarters, call center services, IT system, activities of monitoring, claims management, and tampering.

Photo courtesy of AVR (Matteo Donzelli). Road Maintenance Service worker at work with Porter NP6 in front of the historic Palazzo dell’Orologio in Piazza dei Cavalieri, historic centre of Pisa.

Our teams operate in the territory with our own resources and vehicles, including Piaggio Porter NP6 vehicles, specifically outfitted and configured. In fact, all of the tools the workers need for roadwork are positioned in the cargo area. There are temporary vertical road signs to be used in the event of emergencies, useful road signs to be positioned if those in place are damaged, everything needed to carry out masonry work (e.g. masonry work on kerbs, stone sealing, masonry work on storm drains, etc.), but also bags of bituminous material and barriers. The vehicle with hinged tail and side boards is ideal for easily accessing the cargo area and retrieving everything needed for work. In addition to all this, the fastening systems for securing the elements make transport simple and safe.

(Many thanks for her collaboration to Laura Fusi, AVR Group External Relations and Communication Office, Florence Branch).