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May 2022 – Her name is Gülşah Merve Yüksel, a Turkish girl, enthusiastic and determined to make her dream come true: depart from Turkey on a Vespa to tour Europe. A dream that is turning into a fascinating challenge, thanks to those who have believed in her. Beginning with her sponsors, like Dogan Trend Otomotiv of Istanbul (official distributor of the PIaggio Group all brands ranges) who is supporting her in this adventure.

In the E-mail dated 26 May that we received, Emre Acar of Dogan Trend tells us: “Gülşah Merve Yüksel (Merve) is a young and adventurous, currently travelling towards the enchanting country of Italy. Merve’s main goal is to demonstrate that a trip to Europe can be accomplished with a Vespa Gts Super 125. Her second goal is to do it without a large budget. Just €30 a day will be enough for her, including fuel, meals and lodging in a tent. Some time ago, she took a trip to North Cape and since then her followers have grown. We have become one of her sponsors. We provided her with some materials (accessories) and maintenance services. And she was pleased. Merve is thinking about reaching Pontedera (Tuscany, province of Pisa in Italy) to visit Piaggio and its Museum. We like her, we follow her, and we support her!

Merve travels light, with reduced baggage, a tent, a camera, and a full-face helmet with video camera. “I don’t need much for about 2 and a half months of travel. Some clothes, camping gear, health, and… living with essentials. And we’ll see how far we can get, how many countries we’ll visit, my Vespa and me.”

The courageous Merve’s journey is a solo trip on the road, in the wake of great Vespa travellers who continue – as does Vespa – inspiring and fascinating new generations seeking freedom to have new and thrilling experiences, even taking on the unknown and unexpected, developing a great sense of adaptation to new situations, languages, cultures, and people in the countries Merve passes through. So, Italian Vespa fans await her in Pontedera, the city where Vespa was born 76 years ago. After all, it’s easy to find new friends and supporters all over Europe, thanks to the vast network of Vespa Clubs, as well as all the dealers and service centres.

#europewithvespa-Merve official facebook page:ülşah-Merve-Yüksel-1645607039008341

What a great cover photo (a work of art created from a photograph) on Merve’s Facebook and Instagram pages: her with her yellow Vespa Gts Super 125 in the background. The rider enriches these social media channels with continuous posts, images, and video clips of her ride, which began in May. Interesting and fun, the young Turkish rider’s posts attract more and more fans.
Good luck Merve!

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.

Merve’s Instagram and YouTube channels:ülşahMerveYüksel

The images in this article are taken from Merve’s social media channels.

DOGAN TREND Otomotiv, Istanbul, Turchia: