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3 March 2024 – An untamed passion for a brand that has made history in the world of motorcycling (the Gilera motorcycle company was founded 115 years ago, in 1909); a community that has been dedicated to preserving and protecting the historical and technical heritage of the brand with the two crossed rings for 25 years, whilst also looking to the future. All this and more features in the reflection of Massimo Lucchini Gilera, President of the Gilera Historical Registry in Arcore.
The reason for being of the Gilera Historical Registry is to gather and consolidate the historical memories of an exceptional industrial path, in order to pass on the knowledge, experiences and passion that surround the brand and render it immortal to the next generation. This is not all, of course, we must also remember that the Registry has the important task of supporting the owners of Gilera products over time, enabling them to continue to make use of them and to restore them in accordance with tradition, aided by the Piaggio Foundation.

Extensive collection of Gilera bikes at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, starting with the first Gilera VT 317 from 1909 designed and built by Giuseppe Gilera in his workshop in Milan, then transferred to Arcore in Brianza in 1915.
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For nearly 80 years, the city of Arcore has been caught up in the extraordinary Gilera adventure, and perhaps the creation of the Registry, on the initiative of eight friends led by Luca Dalloca (Honorary President of the Gilera Historical Registry, ed.) was also a reaction to the closure of the factory in Via Cesare Battisti in 1993: all of a sudden, the beloved beating industrial heart of the town was no more.

Marco Simoncelli, 2008 World Champion on the Gilera 250.

The Registry was created with the approval and support (including economic) of Piaggio, and developed on the back of the enthusiasm generated by the world titles of Manuel Poggiali (125cc in 2001) and Marco Simoncelli (250cc in 2008), who both raced on Gilera-brand bikes: we felt such a deep sense of satisfaction at the great party that we threw for the 100th anniversary of the company in 2009, attended by a host of former employees, riders, journalists and fans of the brand, who came from all over Europe; almost 500 "Gileristi" (Gilera owners, ed.) paraded through the streets of Arcore, ending each day of the rally on the Monza track.

Gilera centenary: filming of the documentary “1909-2009 – Gilera, a century-long race”, by Gilberto Visintin and Daniela Confalonieri; directed by Gilberto Visintin.
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The history of the Gilera brand has been reconstructed, completed and published for the occasion in two excellent books, which join those that already exist: the voices, faces and testimonies of numerous employees and riders have been recorded over time, and this DVD now represents a rare and precious historical document.

Since then, the Registry has continued its activities, and has found its own balance, including from an economic perspective (...). Today, we take part in a range of events throughout the year, as well as organising others (the Giro Gilera, the Concorso di Eleganza, the introduction to motorbikes for young people aged 7-14) plus an International Rally every 5 years; we also organise events in middle schools, to tell the Gilera story to children.

Gilera Historical Registry official video – Gilera International Rally 2022

Wherever we go, we are recognised and hailed as being one of the most authoritative and iconic registries in Italy, with important relationships with other Gilera clubs abroad (Holland, Argentina), and many international fans: this is in part thanks to the extraordinary and surprising charm that this brand still holds today.

Gilera Historical Registry Elegance Competition, source of images and information

After 25 unforgettable years, perhaps the best adventure is yet to come. Recent happy coincidences and the valiant will of the current mayor of Arcore may open the door to a stable future for the history of the brand: located in an interesting historic building, it is set to become a prominent, dynamic presence in the town of Arcore once again: this is our goal - something that will give all of us, and me in particular, the certainty and satisfaction of a job well done. But this story remains to be told”. Massimo Lucchini Gilera, President of the Gilera Historical Registry.
115 years of history of Moto Gilera; 25 years of history of the Historical Register; 12 countries of our members.

Gilera, an Italian speed icon. Between 1950 and 1957, Gilera won six Moto GP World Championships, with riders of the calibre of Umberto MasettiGeoff Duke and Libero Liberati. Gilera was the first motorbike to exceed 100 mph during the Tourist Trophy event, a frontier that until then, was widely believed to be unsurpassable. The brand's sporting heritage and technological legacy continue to serve as an inspiration to motorcycling enthusiasts all over the world. Gilera is a symbol of excellence, with a history marked by world records and a striking example of Italian motorcycling prowess.
1999-2024: 25 years of the Gilera Historical Registry: “These years were narrated and celebrated at the Social Dinner, held on Saturday 24 February 2024. Over the course of the evening, those in attendance were able to share their lasting passion for the brand of the two crossed rings, soaking up the atmosphere of pure, genuine attachment to a motorcycle manufacturer that remains in the heart of Arcore and its people. And that's not all: this was also expressed by the Mayor Maurizio Bono, always a very welcome guest of the Gilera Historical Registry. The mayor took advantage of this convivial opportunity to update those present on the progress of the project dedicated to the refurbishment of the former Bestetti Hangar, emphasising the financial support of the Lombardy Region, of Afol Monza and Brianza and of the Municipality of Arcore, with a view to creating a multifunctional exhibition space designed to be an attractive cultural location and a meeting place for the Arcore community and beyond, with a focus on motorcycling enthusiasts, as the Gilera brand returns to play a leading role in the local area.

25 years ago, the Honorary President Luca Dalloca and several other Gilera enthusiasts were inspired to establish the Historical Registry. The President of the City Council, Laura Besana, also spoke at the evening. Meanwhile, Massimo Lucchini Gilera, President of the Gilera Historical Registry, looked back over the key milestones of the first 25 years of the registry, through publications and initiatives that are set to take their rightful place as part of the project being developed within the walls of the former Bestetti hangar. Whilst awaiting further updates on this project, which has been christened 'HangAr-Core', the evening was not short of other powerful moments - for example, when the secretary of the Gilera Historical Registry, Daniela Confalonieri, recounted her 20 years as part of this association, during which the Arcorese institution has lost several important and much-loved people, including Michele Cantù, Eugenio Savoldelli and Egidio Passoni. Despite these sad losses, the Gilera Historical Registry has reacted by coming together as a team, engaging more and more people to assist in the organisation of events and rallies."
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From left, the Gilera 124 5V Regolarità motorbike, 1966, exhibited by the Registry at the recent Mostra Scambio in Novegro; the team of members with Secretary Daniela Confalonieri; the Registry was also in attendance at the Motor Bike Expo show in Verona 2024, where the advertising panel of the Italian Motorcycle Federation featured the image of the "Gilerista" Denise Biffi. Image source: